Tim Wells as Nat King Cole
Tyson Hall & Jennifer Haberkorn in "The Last Night of Ballyhoo"
The Cast of "Hank Williams: Lost Highway" 2009

Truvy's in Steel Magnolias
The Last Night of Ballyhoo ~ December 2008
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Tyson Hall
  • Jennifer Haberkorn
  • Lori Howard
  • Leigh Moorer
  • Jason Morgan
  • Bill Nowell
  • Janet Wilkerson
Ballyhoo Poster
Ballyhoo Set constructed by Gary Hall
Ballyhoo Set constructed by Gary Hall
Leigh on the phone and Jennifer, Janet, & Lori on the sofa.
Leigh & Jennifer
Bill Nowell
Jason Morgan & Lori Howard
Peachy's RED Hair--Leigh, Tyson, & Janet
Tyson & Jennifer
Tyson & Jennifer
The Cast--Leigh Moorer, Tyson Hall, Jennifer Haberkorn, Lori Howard, Jason Morgan, Janet Wilkerson, & Bill Nowell
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Conecuh People ~ Spring 2004-2010
directed by Margie Benson (2004-08),  Fiona Macleod (2009), & Randy Thornton (2010)
Composer: Jeff Pate
Cast Members:
  • Rebecca Beasley
  • Leigh Moorer
  • Jeanette East Hall
  • Tyson Hall
  • Mark Edward Clark
  • Dwight Cope
  • Mack Hixon
  • Todd Jeffries
  • J.R. (Buster) Reynolds
  • Jerry Cope
  • Steve McCary
  • Marie Allen
  • Anne Brabham
  • Betty Cramer
  • Constance Davis
  • Terrence Thomas
  • John McGowan
  • Kevin Harris
  • Ada Christian

  • Janet Wilkerson
  • John Jordan
  • Roy Royster
  • Kate Garner
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Tim Hussey
  • Ellis Ingram
  • Steve McCary
  • Randy Ross
  • Queenelle Stone
  • Sara Richardson
  • Mary Parsons
  • Pat Caylor
  • Betty Hubbard
  • Kim Graham
  • Sandra Smith
  • Linda Montgomery
  • Aleta Davis
  • Peggy Windham
  • Leon Hinson

Poster of the Inagural Production of Conecuh People (2004)
First Cast of Conecuh People (2004)
Conecuh People Cast 2005
The women, they come... (2005)
Cast Sings "I'll Fly Away" (2005)
Dwight Cope & Aleta Davis (2005)
Mack Hixon as Wade, the Narrator (2005)
Aleta Davis (2005)
Mark Edward Clark (Young Wade) & Buster Reynolds (Jabo) ~ 2005
BBQ Scene--Buster Reynolds, Elvis Walker, John McGowan, & Jerry Cope
Betty Cramer as Beansie Hall Hall (2005)
Mark Edward Clark (as young Wade studying by the light of the icebox)
Dress Rehearsal 2005
Randy Ross as Hobson Roughton
Square Dancing Scene 2006
Anna Griggs & Tyler Hall--The Children--2006
2007 Cast
Tyson Halll (Young Wade) & Aleta Davis (Verse Lee Manley)
Aleta Davis as Verse Lee Manley
Johanna Hubbard (Sarah "Babe" Waters Hall) & Todd Jeffries (Wade, the Narrator) ~ 2009
Aleta Davis & Todd Jeffries (2009)
BBQ Scene--Buster Reynolds, Kevin Harris, Steve McCary, Terrence Thomas, & Jerry Cope
Kim Graham (Miss Estelle Campbell) & Todd Jeffries (Wade, the Narrator)
Tyson Hall (young Wade), Todd Jeffries (Wade, the Narrator) & Steve McCary (Hobson Rotton)
Janet Wilkerson as Elma Lee (2009)
Betty Hubbard ("Mama" Tress Waters), Todd Jeffries, & Tyson Hall
Summer Pickett Rice as Louise Hall (2009)
Aleta Davis & Tyson Hall
Conecuh People Cast 2009
Jerry Cope ~ portrayed the character Jim Rotton 2004-2009
Conecuh People 2010 Choir
Conecuh People Cast 2010
Laundry & Bourbon/Lone Star ~ August 2007
directed by Margie Benson
Cast Members:
  • Kate Garner
  • Tyson Hall
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Alva Lambert
  • Mark Moore
  • Katie Svela
Nat King Cole: The Man & His Music ~ February 2008
An Original Production by Dr. Wade Hall
directed by Margie Benson
Starring Tim Wells in the one-man, two character show.

Tim Wells as Nat
Tim Wells as Nat
"Nat" with Students
Holiday Memories ~ December 2009
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Eleanor Davis
  • Stephen Dubberley
  • Thomas Dyer
  • Mark Moore
  • Summer Pickett Rice
Eleanor Davis, Thomas Dyer, & Stephen Dubberley
Stephen Dubberley & Thomas Dyer
Eleanor Davis as Sook
Many thanks to Todd Jeffries, Midge Putnam, & Richard Rogers for the beautiful photos on this page and throughout the website.
\Steel Magnolias ~ August 2008
directed by Margie Benson
Cast Members:
  • Kate Garner
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Linda Lee
  • Mallory May
  • Laura Motes
  • Susie Priori

Steel Magnolias Cast (l-r): Laura Motes, Mallory May, Kate Garner, Linda Lee, Johanna Hubbard, & Susie Priori
At Truvey's Beauty Salon:
Mallory May & Kate Garner
Johanna Hubbard & Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Magnolias on the Red Door
The Moving of Lilla Barton ~ February 2009
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • David Furst
  • Steve McCary
  • Mark Moore
  • Leigh Moorer
  • Terrence Q. Thomas
  • Susie Priori Turner
Lilla Cast (l-r)
top- David Furst, Terrence Thomas; bottom- Steve McCary, Leigh Moorer, Susie Priori Turner, Fiona Macleod, Mark Moore
Terrence Thomas
Mark Moore
Steve McCary
Leigh Moorer
David Furst
Susie Priori Turner & David Furst
Susie Priori Turner
Hank Williams: Lost Highway ~ August 2009
directed by Denise Gabriel
Cast Members:
  • Jason Givens
  • Stan "Chilly" Cooks
  • Eve Harmon
  • Ariel Taunton
  • Betty Hubbard
  • Patrick McElwee
  • Terrence Thomas
  • John Jordan
  • Anna Perry
  • Roy Royster

Hank's Poster
Our wonderful director, Denise Gabriel & Wesley
Hank's Set
Rick Rogers, Our Wonderful Set Designer
Jam Session after Rehearsal: Bill Cook, Lennie Trawick, Thomas Roughton, & Jason Givens
Musicians Julian Cope, Bill Cook, & Thomas Roughton
Life Imitating Art--John Jordan gives some advice to Jason Givens
Denise give direction to Anna, Eve, & John
Anna Perry, Even Harmon, & John Jordan
Jason Givens, Terrence Thomas, Patrick McElwee, & Betty Hubbard
A Tired Hank (Justin Givens)
The Drifting Cowboys--Patrick McElwee & Terrence Thomas
Jason Givens & Terrence Thomas
Roy Royster as the Announcer
Tee Tot (Stan "Chilly" Cooks) & Hank (Jason Givens)
Audrey (Anna Perry) & Hank (Jason Givens)
Stan "Chilly" Cooks as Tee Tot
The Drifting Cowboys (Patrick McElwee & Terrence Thomas)
Hank Singing
John Jordan & Ariel Taunton
Ariel Taunton as the Waitress
Hank (Jason Givens) betwee Audrey (Anna Perry) and Mama (Betty Hubbard)
Audrey & Hank
Hank and the Drifting Cowboys
Welcome to Tonight's Performance
Mama driving the boys
Audrey can('t) Sing!
Hank and the Drifting Cowboys at the Grand Ole Opry
Jason Givens as "Hank"
Encore! Encore!
Cast of "Hank Williams: Lost Highway" ~ 2009
back row (l-r): John Jordan, Thomas Roughton, Stan "Chilly" Cooks, Patrick McElwee, Terrence Thonas, Julian Cope, Betty Hubbard, Bill Cook, Roy Royster, Lenny Trawick.
Middle Row (l-r) Jason Givens, Anna Perry.
Front Row (l-r) Ariel Taunton, Eve Harmon
Hank at the Grand Ole Opry
  • Summer Pickett Rice
  • Anna Griggs
  • Tyler Hall
  • Judd McLaney
  • Mya Phillips
  • Sydney Cramer
  • Aneshta Davis
  • Micah Davis
  • Jon Smithart
  • Christopher Reynolds
  • Cliff Reynolds
  • Alicia Atkins
  • Justin Smoker
  • Lenny Trawick
  • Alison Kinsley Hall
  • Jacobi Smith
  • Shirley Tew
  • Lott Putnam
  • Jordan Wadsworth
  • Gregg Swem
Summer Theatre Workshops ~ 2006-2011
Summer Theatre Workshop 2006 ~ Footloose
Summer Theatre Workshop 2006 ~ Footloose
Summer Theatre Workshop 2007 ~ Grease
Summer Theatre Workshop 2008 ~ The Wiz
Summer Theatre Workshop 2009--Director Fiona Macleod
Summer Theatre Workshop 2010--Director Fiona Macleod
Summer Theatre Workshop 2011--Director Denise Gabriel
Catfish Moon ~ February 2010
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Steve McCary
  • Mark Moore
  • Peggy Brown Thornton
  • Randy Thornton
Randy Thornton (Curley) & Steve McCary (Gordon)
Randy Thornton & Steve McCary
Steve McCary (Gordon) & Peggy Brown Thornton (Betty)
Steve McCary (Gordon), Randy Thornton (Curley), & Mark Moore (Frog)
Peggy Brown Thornton
Mark Moore & Steve McCary
Mark Moore (Frog), Steve McCary (Gordon), Curley (in the urn), & Peggy Brown Thornton (Betty)
The Widow's Best Friend~August 2010
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Jamie Allen
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Leigh Moorer
  • Summer Pickett Rice
  • Janet Wilkerson
  • Travin Wilkerson
Ground Plan
Set of The Widow's Best Friend
Cast of The Widow's Best Friend: (l-r, back) Jamie Allen, Travin Wilkerson, Leigh Moorer; (l-r, front) Janet Wilkerson, Johanna Hubbard, Summer Pickett Rice
Summer Pickett Rice & Leigh Moorer
Janet Wilkerson, Travin Wilkerson, Leigh Moorer, & Johanna Hubbard
Jamie Allen & Summer Pickett Rice
Summer Pickett Rice, Janet Wilkerson, Travin Wilkerson, Leigh Moorer, & Johanna Hubbard
Janet Wilkerson & Johanna Hubbard
  • Julian Cope
  • Thomas Roughton
  • Lenny Trawick
  • Bill Cook
Wise Women~December 2010
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Joseph Crawford
  • Haley Greathouse
  • Eve Harmon
  • Anna Perry
  • Susie Priori Turner
  • Travin Wilkerson

Haley Greathouse & Susie Turner
Cast of Wise Women: (l-r) Travin Wilkerson, Joseph Crawford, Anna Perry, Eve Harmon, Susie Turner, & Haley Greathouse
Haley Greathouse
Joseph Crawford, Susie Turner, & Haley Greathouse
Anna Perry
Susie Priori Turner
Susie Turner & Eve Harmon
Travin Wilkerson
Eve Harmon & Anna Perry
Haley Greathouse & Eve Harmon
Country Songs~February 2011
directed by Anna Perry
Cast Members:
  • Dustin Anderson
  • Joseph Crawford
  • Stanley Davis
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Robert Moorer
  • Beau Shirley
  • Charity Smith
  • Travin Wilkerson

The Exact Center of the Universe~August 2011
directed by Denise Gabriel
Cast Members:
  • Kim Graham
  • Betty Hubbard
  • Kaleigh Malloy
  • Stephen Spencer
  • Janet Wilkerson

Country Songs Cast
Johanna & Beau--Best Friends!
Joseph & Travin
Robert & Johanna
Stanley & Travin
Dustin & Johanna
Dustin, Johanna, & Beau
Charity & Johanna
Country Songs Cast & Crew!
Driving Miss Daisy Poster
The Cast of Driving Miss Daisy:
Stan "Chilly" Cooks, Anne Brabham, Danny Davidson
Stan Cooks
Anne Brabham
Stan Cooks
Anne Brabham & Danny Davidson
Anne Brabham
Danny Davidson
Danny Davidson & Anne Brabham
Anne Brabham & Stan Cooks
The Exact Center of the Universe Poster
Stephen, Betty, & Denise working lines on the incredible set Mark Parsley built!
Stephen Spencer
That Remains to Be Seen...
The Exact Center of the Universe Cast:
Janet Wilkerson, Kaleigh Malloy, Betty Hubbard, Stephen Spencer, Kim Graham...
God Bless!
Kaleigh--wonderful dual performance as very different twin sisters
Betty, Janet, & Kim
Kaleigh, Janet, & Kim
Stephen in Father's Chair
back row: Kaleigh & Stephen
front row: Janet, Betty, & Kim
Kaleigh & Stephen with the TREEHOUSE GANG (Janet, Betty, & Kim--and "Kitty")
Denise Gabriel, director extraordinare!
The Christmas Letters Poster
Christmas Letters Family: (l-r front) W. Harper, Alyssa Capps, Anagrace Sandlin, T. Hall, A. Perry, Charity Smith, Albert Cooks, Sarah Smith (l-r back) J. Crawford, B. Egan, Mike Benton, Ray Rossell, Hugh Atkins, T. Salter, B. Shirley, V. Sandlin, A. Brabham, E. Roughton, Mark Parsley, S. Hall
William Harper & Beth Egan ("Dancing in the Kitchen")
William Harper & Beth Egan
Beth Egan & Anne Brabham
"A Flood is a Long Time Coming"
Joseph Crawford & William Harper
Birdie (Beth Egan) telling about Billis death-others at the funeral
Christmas Letters cast--closing song
Driving Miss Daisy~April/May 2011
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members:
  • Anne Brabham
  • Stan "Chilly" Cooks
  • Danny Davidson

The Honky Tonk Angels~February 2012
produced for national tour
by Springer Theatricals

The Honky Tonk Angels Announcement
Angels 2012
The Honky Tonk Angels Cast & Band (not shown, Gil Hunter, drummer)
The Christmas Letters~December 2011
directed by Tom Salter
Cast Members & Musicians:
  • Anne Brabham
  • Joseph Crawford
  • Beth Egan
  • Sara Hall
  • Tyler Hall
  • William Harper
  • Anna Perry
  • Elizabeth Roughton
  • Valerie Sandlin
  • Beau Shirley
  • Lighthouse String                                    Quartet

Southern Comforts~February 2012
directed by Anna Perry
Cast Members:
  • Matthew Givens
  • Betty Hubbard

Director Anna Perry & Set Designer Mark Parsley
work day with Charity Smith, Joseph Crawford, Tyler Hall, & Anna Perry
Matthew & Betty clowning around
Our awesome backstage crew--Tyler, Akea, Alyssa, & Albert
Matthew as Gus Klingman
Betty & Matthew
Betty as Amanda Klingman
Matthew & Betty
Cast & Crew
(front, l-r) Betty Hubbard, Matthew Givens
(back, l-r) Alyssa Capps, Sarah Smith, Akea Huffman, Albert Cooks, Joseph Crawford, Anna Perry, Tyler Hall, Charity Smith, Tim Hereford
The Passing of Pearl~April 2012
directed by Fiona Macleod
Cast Members
  • Anne Brabham
  • Kim Graham
  • Johanna Hubbard
  • Juanita Smith